10 October, 2020 

How to Control the Access to Your Account?

Every registered user on the exchange should understand their responsibility for the proper work and safety of their account. The amount of hacks and financial crimes shows that safety on the crypto exchanges is crucial but unfortunately often ignored. To avoid becoming a victim of hackers or unlawful actions, you need to know how to restore access, and also protect and control your account.
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How to Control the Access to Your Account?

Three Main Means of Your Account's Safety

The exchanges who care about their users' safety never stop reminding them about the necessity of proper protection for their assets. The safety of the account is of first importance to keep them out of scammers' reach. It depends on the following procedures.


Two-factor authentication provides double protection for your account that consists of a password and a device of your choice that belongs to you. You can also choose any form of 2FA that is convenient for you. It may be SMS, a confirmation in a special app, or a hardware key. In our blog, we have a guide about the best means of 2FA to use on crypto exchanges with a step-by-step description on how to apply it.


The KYC (Know Your Customer, or Know Your Client) procedure is an operational kit for the identification of every existing user. It was created to fight against money laundering and other financial crimes on the crypto exchanges.

Verification of the user's identity has two important advantages. On the one hand, it is useful for crypto projects as it creates a good reputation for them in a crypto community. On the other hand, it is good for their user because it protects their interests. Users who go through the KYC procedure can deposit and withdraw the assets without limits, trade bigger volumes and use the extra options of the crypto exchange. You can read about all the steps of the verification procedure that are highlighted in details in the article on KYC in our blog.


This procedure exists on many exchanges. It allows logging into the account only from a certain IP address. A trader who activated the WhiteList IP option will receive the request to confirm their actual IP address every time they want to log in. After its activation, they won't be able to log in from any other IP address.

On BTC-Alpha you can protect your account easily with the help of the WhiteList option by finding it in the "Safety" tab. If you worry about the possible hacking of your account or want to provide it with the extra protection, you should consider activating the WhiteList IP option.

What to Do If You Can't Remember Your Login, Password or Both

The loss of login or password is not uncommon among users. It's very important to remember the email address linked to your account to avoid the need to restore the access or even its complete loss.

How to Act If You…

forgot your password

You can restore the access to your account if you reset the password you've forgotten. To be able to do it, you need to have the access to login and email your account is registered on.

How to reset your password:

1) On entering your account chose "Reset the password";

2) Fill in the email to receive a confirmation;

3) Confirm the change of your password;

4) Enter a new password;

Done! You have access to your account again.

… forgot your login

This case is more difficult; it's almost impossible to restore access to your account if you forgot your login. In such a case, you need to reach customer support service and provide them with all the necessary information like the address of your wallet on the exchange or a deposit transaction (both may refer to any cryptocurrency).

If you are a verified user, a customer support agent may request the photos of the documents that were used to verify your identity. They should be taken the same day you asked them for help.

If you are not a verified user, the customer support service may request verification and a video call to identify you. The withdrawal of funds will be frozen for the next 24 hours.

When You May Be Denied the Access to Your Account

1) If you don't have the access to an email and you can't restore it;

2) If you don't answer the screening questions of the customer support service;

3) If you don't agree to provide the necessary documents for the verification;

How to contact technical support?

To request help and solutions to your problem, you can use the form following the link - or write to our Telegram community. The support staff will always be happy to help you.

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