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What Is The «History» Page For And What Is The Difference Between The «Orders» And «Trades» Tabs?

If you click on the «Finance» tab in your BTC-Alpha user account, you will see a menu containing all information about your activities on our platform. Particularly noteworthy is the «History» tab, which you may not use too often, but the information it contains is very valuable.

Why Is The «History» Tab Necessary?

You can view all the scripts in your account that have ever been initiated and implemented by you in this tab. They include orders, trades, deposits and withdrawals. You can selectively search for actions by trading pairs, by direction (buy or sell), and by status (active, canceled, or completed). This is very convenient because it allows you to analyze your work, quickly find the necessary actions, to which, for some reason, you will need to return and get the necessary data if you suspect that third-party persons have gained access to your account.

What Is The Difference Between The «Orders» And «Trades» Tabs?

If everything is clear with deposits and withdrawals, then the contents of the tabs with orders and trades look very similar, and for a beginner is not always clear at a glance where to look for the necessary information. Let's look at the differences.


«Orders» tab displays all orders for deals initiated by you, it does not matter if they were executed, canceled or still active. You already know that not every order can be executed immediately or in principle. Any order request you've created is reflected in this tab with the assignment of an appropriate status to it, depending on its further fate. The tab has a search menu where you can sort the search results by their status, trading pairs and order direction.


«Trades» tab displays all completed trades. This will not include canceled orders, but only those that have been executed, immediately or in part (in this case, the information will be displayed as the order is executed). There is a search for the trading pairs you have worked with on the platform.

Now you see that the difference between the tab with orders and the tab with trades is that the first one displays all the scripts you initiated, and in the tab with trades only those that have been executed. Convenient search menus allow you to easily find the information you need in the history of your actions on the platform.

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