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What Is 2FA, How Does It Work And How To Enable/Disable It?

What Are Sessions And What Kind Of Information Can Be Obtained From Session Data?

Sessions are user activities on the exchange. User's every entry on the BTC-Alpha exchange is a session. Session data contains information that can be useful in case of theft of your data by hackers or simply to control the security of your work on the platform.

What Can You Find Out Using Session Data?

  • At what time the user entered the platform;
  • The duration of user's activity on it;
  • The device from which the login was performed;
  • IP address from which the login was performed;
  • The country from which the user logged into the platform.

When viewing session data, it is also possible to end all open sessions except the current one. Sessions may remain active for some time after you finish working on the exchange, and this option can be useful if you had to urgently interrupt your work on the exchange and log in from another device.

In case you have a dynamic IP address or you visit BTC-Alpha's website via VPN, the country from which you logged in may be displayed in different ways. Yet the system will ask you for confirmation if an entry from an unfamiliar device is detected. For secured authorization, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). In case of a suspicious activity from your account, including logging in from an unfamiliar location, our security team may request a video call with you to ensure that your data and funds are safe.

BTC-Alpha offers users the option «White List of IP Addresses» as an additional security measure. It will help you secure your account from hackers, allowing you to log in only from certain IP addresses, which you yourself specify when connecting the option. It will be impossible to access the platform from addresses that you have not included in the whitelist. This is a reliable method of protection, yet it is suitable only for those users who use the same device to work on the platform and who have a static IP address. If you need to disable this option, you will need to go through the identity verification procedure (KYC) and a video call with a security representative of our platform.

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