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What Are The Mandatory Requirements For Users Who Trade On The BTC-Alpha Platform?

One of the long-term goals of the BTC-Alpha platform is the availability of cryptocurrency trading for everyone, however, there are certain requirements for users to work on it. This is explained by the requirements of the law, as well as by the obstacle to the possibility of using our platform as a platform for carrying out illegal financial activities.

  • All BTC-Alpha users must be at least 18 years old.
  • Passing the KYC procedure is required for every user who wants to use the services of the BTC-Alpha platform. We carry out client identification in order to protect the client s themselves and to avoid illegal activities on the platform.
  • When passing the KYC, the user must provide up-to-date identity documents, as well as a document proving the place of residence to complete the procedure. He must also provide any document to clarify the necessary information at the request of the BTC-Alpha platform.
  • The user must not use the account on the platform to carry out financial fraud, finance criminal organizations, propaganda or trade in prohibited goods.
  • The user of the BTC-Alpha platform must be a citizen of a state or territory that is not partially internationally recognized or occupied. We also do not serve the United States in terms of all territories this state owns.
  • The user must withdraw his funds only to his own wallet in any of the payment systems with which BTC-Alpha works.
  • The user must inform the BTC-Alpha user support service about any suspicious activity he/she noticed with the participation of his/her account within the shortest possible time.
  • If the user does not use his account within 6 months from the moment of the last login or deposit, the BTC-Alpha platform's team has the right to charge a fee for saving it, about which the user will be notified by email specified during registration seven days in advance preliminarily. Accounts with zero balance will be deactivated. The user must regularly log into the platform to avoid this.
  • A user can only have one account on the platform. Any additional account will be deleted.
  • If a user receives taxable income through the platform, he/she must pay taxes in accordance with the laws of the country in which he/she lives.

All of the above requirements and restrictions are intended to provide BTC-Alpha platform's users with safe crypto trading on the platform within the framework of the current legislation of the UK, EU and the countries in which users reside.

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