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Is It Possible To Trade On The BTC-Alpha Platform Using Bots?

What Are The Restrictions On Orders?

Warrant is one of the first concepts that every newcomer to the cryptosphere should know. Orders for deals are different. The simplest orders are called market orders and do not imply any restrictions, but are simply executed according to the current market prices. The situation with limit orders is much more complicated, where the presence of restrictions can already be guessed by their name.

Limit Orders

A limit order is an order with special conditions that are beneficial to a trader who wants to buy or sell cryptocurrency. It implies an order to buy or sell not at the current price, but at a given one. Accordingly, such orders are not executed instantly, but wait until the market price approaches the one set by the trader. This is a price limitation that can only be met under a certain market situation. It is thought out so that the trader earns more, but if the price on the market does not approach the one specified in the order for too long, the order hangs and, accordingly, the trader does not earn.

Among limit orders, there are also options with different conditions, which imply their execution when certain conditions are reached. For example, a stop order can only be placed when a certain price is reached. Until it is reached, it will not appear in the order book and will not be visible to other users. A passive order can be placed only when its instant execution is impossible. That is, in these types of orders, in addition to price restrictions, there is also a time limit for order execution.

Are There Special Order Restrictions For The BTC-Alpha Platform?

BTC-Alpha has the only limit on the size of the minimum order. It must be at least $5 in the equivalent of any cryptocurrency. Our platform does not impose other restrictions on orders on users.

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