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What Are Low-Liquid Pairs And How They Differ From Other Currency Pairs On The Platform?

One of the recent updates to BTC-Alpha is the launch of a terminal with low-liquid currency pairs. But before using this option, you need to understand what liquidity is and how it matters to a trader.

What Is Cryptocurrency Liquidity?

There are two concepts of liquidity — the liquidity of a specific cryptocurrency and the liquidity of the market as a whole. If the liquidity of the market is an indicator of its activity, that is, a sufficient number of buyers and sellers interested in a quick transaction, then the liquidity of a particular coin or token is an indicator of the availability of an asset at a stable price. Accordingly, a high liquidity of an asset means a great chance of selling it quickly at the asking price.

As there are more and more cryptocurrencies presented on BTC-Alpha, we decided to take care of the convenience of our users by creating a separate terminal with low-liquid pairs. As soon as the liquidity of the currency changes, it will automatically move from a Low-Liquidity Terminal to a Standard one and vice versa.

How Can A Terminal With Low-Liquid Pairs Help A Trader?

In crypto trading, time is money. While waiting for order execution, the currency price may change. Bringing low-liquid pairs to a separate terminal will help a trader to plan his time, build a strategy for working on the exchange and not lose money in the process of waiting.

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