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How Does The BTC-Alpha Referral Program Work?

What Are The Conditions Of BTC-Alpha's Referral Program And What Bonuses Can Be Obtained?

The BTC-Alpha Referral Program is a reward system for users who open up opportunities for earning money with the platform to their friends and acquaintances. The reward in this case is received by both parties — the user who brings a friend to the platform, and the newcomer himself/herself. Thus, participation in the Program is beneficial to both parties.

What Bonuses Does Participation In The Referral Program Give?

Bonuses include:

  1. A 50% discount on the trading commission charged by the exchange for trading operations. The bonus is valid for 30 days after the referral's first trade. During this period, the referral is considered active. Then you can invite other referrals, the number of which is not limited.
  2. Passive income equal to 50% of your referral's trading commission (buying and selling currencies). This option is also only available within 30 days of the referral's first trade.

Entering the BTC-Alpha system as someone's referral is beneficial in that you immediately receive a discount on the commission, and the sooner you invite your own referrals, the faster the second bonus will become available to you. The exchange reserves the right to make changes to the referral program at its sole discretion.

Referral Program Conditions

You can take part in the referral program as a referrer (a user who has invited a friend) and a referral (a user, who has accepted an invitation from another user).

In order to become a referrer, you need to be a registered user and share an invite link with a friend or acquaintance who will register on BTC-Alpha using this link.

To become a referral, you need to sign up using someone's invite. As soon as the referral is registered, he/she can become a referrer himself and invite other users to register on BTC-Alpha. Immediately after registration, a user can see a fold «My referrals» in his/her account, where there will be an invite link that he can send to other users.

If you want to log in as a referral without having any familiar users who could invite you to follow your referral link, you can use this link or request a referral link in our Telegram-chat. The community will be happy to help you and get a new referral.

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