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How Can Coin Developers Participate In A Social Listing?

How BTC-Alpha Users Can Participate In A Social Listing

Social listing on BTC-Alpha is an interactive service that allows cryptocurrency startups to add their coin or token to the listing on our platform. It is also useful for potential investors looking for interesting projects that they could support financially. Any user can take part in our social listing, even not registered on BTC-Alpha.

How Social Listing Works

A new coin or token is added to the Social Listing, and users vote for it using ALC (Alpha Listing Coin), a cryptocurrency created by the platform specifically for this purpose. Its price always remains unchanged — 0.001 BTC. Voting is also a donation.

This is a special coin that cannot be bought, sold, exchanged or withdrawn. It can only be used to participate in a social listing. When registering with the obligatory passage of KYC up to the second level, we will credit 100 ALC to your account. You can give all your ALCs for one project you like or split them between several.

If the project gains at least 300,000 ALC (which is equivalent to 3 BTC) during the year, but the new coin or token will be listed on BTC-Alpha and will become available for cryptocurrency trading.

Alternative Ways To Participate In A Social Listing

ALC is not the only way to support a project on a Social lListing. You can do this using a regular donation in the BTC in two ways:

  • Transfer BTC from your account to BTC-Alpha (you should be a registered user and go through KYC Level 2).
  • Transfer BTC from your BTC address (registration and authorization on BTC-Alpha is not required).

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