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What Has Changed On BTC-Alpha Platform In 2020?

Getting Started On BTC-Alpha Crypto Trading Exchange

Before you start trading on the BTC-Alpha platform, you will need to go through a few simple steps.

Signing Up On The Platform

The most convenient way to do this is with a referral link. This registration option will give you a discount on the commission for trading, and participation in the referral program will allow you to earn on other users who register already using your referral link.

Setting Up The Two-Factor Authentification (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is double protection for your data, which includes generating a unique code and token every time you are about to log into your account. This step should not be neglected if you want to trade safely.

Performing KYC

The KYC procedure («know your customer») is necessary in order to identify users of the platform and thereby ensure the impossibility of financial crimes with its participation. The data required for its passage will not be transferred to third parties. In addition, users who have passed KYC will be able to trade without a limit on operations and withdraw currency faster.

Balance Replenishment

Without this, you will not be able to start trading. You will need a wallet on one of the following payment services: AdvCash, Perfect Money, PAYEER, NIXMoney, Mercuryо (only for past KYCs). To deposit funds, use the «Finance» button in your BTC-Alpha account or the option to buy cryptocurrency on a Mercuryо bank card. You will need the same button to withdraw funds.

As soon as the funds are credited to your balance, you can already start trading. However, you should not rush to this — just study information, analytics, charts, and make informed decisions first.

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