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What Are The Main Channels Of Communication With The BTC-Alpha Team Or Official Communities?

What Should You Do If Someone Tries To Contact You On Telegram Or Other Social Media On Behalf Of BTC-Alpha?

We emphasize the importance of feedback and communication with representatives of our platform. However, unfortunately, there are often cases on social media when scammers impersonate the official representatives of cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, if someone writes to you on behalf of BTC-Alpha, using our logo and data, you need to be very careful and should not rush to share data or transfer money.

Official accounts of BTC-Alpha representatives are describes in an attached post in all our groups in social media. You can write to one of these accounts if you have any questions. Also, you can always contact our Customer Support Team by writing us an email. But what should a user do if someone writes back on our behalf?

Here's what every user needs to know about the rules of communication between representatives of the BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchanging platform with all its users:

  • We will never write you on Telegram or other social media first. We use email for communication.
  • We will never demand any payments from you for transactions via Telegram or other messengers.

When Can We Contact You And What Kind Of Data Will Be Requested?

BTC-Alpha representatives can write to you and request the following data:

  • Address of the deposit, TXID or hash of the transaction.
  • Passport data (in case of resetting two-factor authentication or transferring funds).
  • If any of the photos required for KYC do not meet the requirements, we will write to you with a request to re-take the photo and instructions how to redo it.

In all these cases, a request will be sent to you via the email address that you provide when registering on BTC-Alpha, from the platform's official email address. Any other messages in messengers, even from accounts using our logo as avatar, are fraudulent ones.

In case you still lose money by making a payment requested from the account of a scammer disguised as our representatives, the BTC-Alpha platform will not be held responsible for this situation, since the user is responsible for non-compliance according to our Security Policy.

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