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How Can You Deposit Funds To The Balance And Buy Cryptocurrency Via Bank Card?

What Are Additional Requirements For Deposits/Withdrawals Confirmation On BTC-Alpha Trading Platform?

Representatives of the BTC-Alpha security service may require you to confirm that you are the owner of the account from which it is carried out in order to carry out operations for depositing and withdrawing currencies. This can happen if suspicious activity is detected on your account, during an investigation in case of theft of funds on the platform, or when trying to transfer funds to a new account. This is done for security reasons and to discourage illegal activity on our platform.

What Does The Concept Of Suspicious Activity Include?

Usually, similar situations arise in case of detection of an account login from a device, IP address or country unknown to the system. If you use a VPN or similar service to work with the platform, the chances of getting into this situation are greater. In addition, if the service is configured incorrectly, it can lead to theft of your data by hackers. You can contact our customer service in order to set it up correctly.

How Does Our System Identify Suspicious Accounts?

We use bots that track user activity based on session data, which includes information such as the location, time, duration of the session, and the device from which the user logged into their account. Withdrawals may be blocked until additional user verification at our request for accounts identified by the bot as suspicious ones.

How And Why A Video Call With BTC-Alpha Representatives May Be Held?

Our security service may request verification of your identity using a video call if activity has been noticed on your account that the system has identified as suspicious one. You will be asked to show the documents that you used to complete KYC up to level 2 on camera while being on video call.

You will receive an email requesting a Zoom video call. You may also be asked questions to find out the following information:

  • Your current location;
  • The facts of entering your account on BTC-Alpha from other countries;
  • Using a VPN or similar service;
  • Your last trading operations;
  • The cryptocurrencies you trade the most.

The use of a video camera during a call is mandatory, so make sure you have this opportunity.

How Can You Avoid Such A Situation?

There are several ways to minimize your chances of being listed as suspicious user:

  • Connect two-factor authentication (2FA);
  • When using VPN or similar services, configure them correctly;
  • Activate the «White List of IP Addresses» service (not suitable for dynamic IP addresses or in the case when you need to access the platform from different devices).

If you have any questions or problems connecting the aforementioned options, you can contact our 24/7 Customer Support team.

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