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How Does The BTC-Alpha Referral Program Work?

What Issues May Arise With The Referral Program And How They Can Be Eliminated

The rules for participating in the BTC-Alpha Referral Program are very simple. A user who recommends our cryptocurrency exchange to his friends and acquaintances receives bonuses in the form of a 50% discount on the trading commission and will receive passive income from the invited user’s trades within 30 days from the moment he made the first transaction. (Hereinafter - the inviting user is called the referrer, the invited user is called the referral). During this period, the referral is considered active.

Our referral program provides bonuses to both sides of the process. Both the referrer and the referral receive a discount on the trade commission. And in order to receive passive income using the referral program, the referral can invite his friends to take advantage of the benefits of BTC-Alpha by becoming a referrer. This option becomes available immediately after registering on our platform, after passing KYC to the second level.

How Do I Invite Other Users To The Crypto Trading Platform?

Data on your referrals can be viewed in the User Account in the «My referrals» tab. There you can also find an invite link, which your friends and acquaintances will need to follow to register on the platform. Information about the bidding of your referrals and your income from them can also be found in this tab.

What Issues Can Appear With The Referral Program?

If all the conditions of the BTC-Alpha Referral Program are met, no difficulties usually arise. However, in some cases, users may have questions. Here are the answers to the most common ones.

Why Am I Not Receiving Bonuses From My Referrals?

A referral is considered active not from the day of registration on the platform, but from the moment of his/her first trade. Inform your referrals about the opportunities to make money with BTC-Alpha, help them understand trading issues and motivate them to take the first steps in trading. If your referrals have already expired, invite new ones to continue earning with their help.

The User Follows The Link, But Ends Up On The Home (Main) Page Of BTC-Alpha Website. Can Such A User Be Considered A Referral In This Case?

Sometimes the invite link leads not to the sign-up form, but to the main page of the BTC-Alpha website. Yet this does not mean that the referral program failed. In any case, the system will record the transition to the link and the user will be registered as your referral. If such a situation happened to your referral, let him/her simply register through the form on the main page of the BTC-Alpha website. User's UID will be saved in the invite, and the conditions of the referral program will be fulfilled, the main thing is that he/she follows your link.

I Want To Log In As A Referral, Yet I Have No Friends/Acquaintances Who Are Registered/Authorized on BTC-Alpha. Is It Possible?

Logging in as a referral is more profitable because you immediately receive a 50% discount on your trading commission within 30 days of your first trade. If you do not have friends who could invite you, you can request an invite link in our Telegram chat or follow this link.

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