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How Can Coin Developers Participate In A Social Listing?

What Issues Can Appear During Social Listing And How To Fix Them

Social Listing on BTC-Alpha helps new cryptocurrencies enter the market that their creators lack the funds to launch. It works similarly to crowdfunding. If a coin or token collects the required amount of funds (300,000 ALC, which is equivalent to 3 BTC) within a year (365 calendar days), it will be listed on BTC-Alpha and admitted to trading on the platform.

Our platform has certain requirements for the project, without which the project cannot be submitted for participation in the social listing. If the project does not meet these requirements, problems may arise already at the application stage. However, they can be quickly resolved on condition of high-quality feedback and communication with the BTC-Alpha team.

Main Possible Issues During Applying for Social Listing on BTC-Alpha

The application for Social Listing will not be accepted in the following cases:

  • Failure to comply with one or more rules for filing an application for Social Listing;
  • Lack of a quality document describing the idea and goals of the proposed product, preferably in the Whitepaper format;
  • Lack of high-quality technical documentation for a coin or token;
  • Technical impossibility to add a coin or token to the website;
  • Lack of feedback with the BTC-Alpha team in the process of finding out the necessary information to add a coin to a Social Listing.

Possible Issues During The Project's Participation In The Social Listing On BTC-Alpha

A project can be delisted in the following cases:

  • Lack of updates and reports for 1-2 months (30 to 60 days) in a row
  • Failure to inform the BTC-Alpha team about important changes that may affect the price of the coin/token
  • Low transaction volume
  • Lack of interest in the crypto asset from users
  • Suspicion of fraudulent activity on the part of the project team.

Most of these problems are solved through active and transparent communication with our team and providing them with all the necessary information for productive cooperation. It is also very important to properly prepare all the necessary documentation, making it informative and understandable in order to avoid difficulties in the cooperation process for both parties. If you have any questions, you can contact BTC-Alpha Customer Support team and get answers.

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