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What Can Be the Issues With Orders And How To Solve Them?

Usually, there are no issues with orders, yet in some cases users can be confused by the time of order execution or the amount that is debited from the account. Here we answer the most common questions about orders.

As a rule, an order is executed instantly if there is a counter offer from another trader with a suitable price in the order book. That is, a sell order is executed immediately if the order book contains an active buy order with a price that matches the one declared by the trader. Similarly, it works the other way around. In other cases, the following situations may occur.

The Order Is Not Executed For A Long Time

If your order has been in active mode for a long time, you may need to revise the price you have declared for selling or buying currency. Typically, such situations arise with varieties of limit orders, where the price and conditions are declared by the trader who places the order. Most likely, in this situation, the price set by the trader does not correlate with market conditions. It is recommended to cancel the order and create a new one by analyzing the charts and setting a more adequate price taking into account the current market situation.

The Order Is Partially Filled

Orders are not always executed immediately and completely. Sometimes this fills partially, and accordingly, the commission for the execution of the order in this case is also debited in parts. If you want to cancel an order that has already been partially executed, only the part that has not been executed will be returned to you. The same applies to the order fee — the fee for the part of it that has already been executed is not refundable if the order is canceled.

Please note that when you create an order, funds are not debited from your account, but go to the reserve, where they are located either until the order is executed or until it is canceled if you decide to cancel it yourself. When the order is executed, the funds are debited immediately or in parts; if canceled, they are returned to the user's account. If you have any technical issues when creating an order, you can write to our user support service and you will receive a response with instructions on further actions.

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