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What Kind Of Issues Can Happen With KYC And How To Overcome Them

User verification for BTC-Alpha (KYC, or know your customer) is an intro-like procedure for using all the opportunities that the platform provides. This procedure exists on all exchanges that care about their reputation and take the safety of their users seriously. It is needed to prevent illegal activity on the platform, as well as to further protect user data and assets.

There are three levels of KYC. Until the user goes through it at least to the second level, the user will not be able to use the unlimited trading activity and the service of currency input / output through a bank card. Let's consider the problems that may arise at different stages of the procedure, and how to solve them.

Providing Data For Setting Up A New Account On BTC-Alpha

There are usually no problems with the initial stages of verification — confirmation of email and filling in personal information in the user's profile. These are the basic requirements for creating an account on any website where you register. The only thing worth paying attention to is entering the correct data so that later there will be no problems with logging in.

Confirming The User's Identity With Personal Documents

You will need to provide a high-quality photo of the document. This can be a passport, driver's license or other document proving your identity. Document data will need to be additionally duplicated in text format. You will also need to take a selfie with this document and a note with the current date. Issues can arise in the following situations:

  • Poor quality photo (poor lighting, mirror photo, unreadable text on documents and a note)
  • Inconsistency of data in the document with the specified by the user
  • File size exceeding 1.5 MB

For any of the described problems, you will receive an email from the moderator with an explanation of the problem and instructions on how to solve it. To solve the problem, redo the photo (use the front camera of your phone or ask someone to take a photo of you) and provide reliable information.

Legal Address Confirmation

This step requires proof of your place of residence with a utility or communications receipt, a tax office notice, or a bank document showing your address. Some issues may arise in the case of a poor-quality image of a document or if your legal place of residence is registered in another person. In this case, you may need an additional document confirming that you live at this address (for example, registration in your passport). You will receive an email from the moderator with a description of the problem and a request for the necessary document.

The moderator's response time to your request can vary from 30 minutes to 72 hours, depending on the current workload of the Customer Support team.

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