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How Can You Deposit Funds To The Balance And Buy Cryptocurrency Via Bank Card?

What Are The Main Issues With Deposits / Withdrawals And How To Solve Them?

The BTC-Alpha platform is among the TOP-15 most reliable and secure cryptocurrency exchanging platforms in the world. The procedure for depositing and withdrawing funds usually does not cause difficulties or problems for users, however, in some situations, delays may occur.

Below are examples of common issues with deposits and withdrawals and how to solve them.

Technical Maintenance Of The Website

We usually warn about technical maintenance on the platform. For example, during maintenance of the coin you are trying to withdraw, trading, deposits and withdrawals will be disabled and the operation of such a kind will be impossible.

Suspicious Account

If our bot has identified your account as suspicious, transactions from it may be blocked until your identity is verified using a video call. This might be because you are logging in from an unknown device or country. To avoid this situation, you can activate the «IP Whitelist» option, but it is suitable only for those users who have a static IP.

Withdrawal Order Expiration

Make sure the clock on your device is set accurately. The application for withdrawal must be confirmed within 30 minutes. If it is not executed after this period of time, you will have to cancel this order and create a new one.

Network Is Overloaded With Requests

If multiple requests come in to withdraw the same coin at the same time, more time is spent processing the requests, so the withdrawal may take longer than you expect.

Non-Compliance Of The Application Request With BTC-Alpha Safety Rules

If the request does not comply with the security rules (you have not passed user verification up to the second level, a transaction without a memo, etc.), you will receive an email from our moderator with instructions on further actions, within which you will need to go through identification (KYC) to at least the second level of it.

Technical Issue

If a problem with input or output has arisen as a result of an issue with the website or for another technical reason, you will receive an email from our Customer Support tech expert with an explanation of the cause of the issue and instructions for further actions. You may be asked to log in from another device, update your cache or cookies and re-login, or cancel the withdrawal/deposit request and create it once again.

When you deposit funds using the payment systems indicated on the BTC-Alpha website, the operation will be successful only if you carry out it through the BTC-Alpha exchanging platform, and not through your account in the payment system. Our website will redirect you to the online platform of the chosen payment system, where you will take all the necessary steps to deposit currencies into your account.

The execution time of a request with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled is on average about 5-30 minutes. If additional moderation is required (see clause 5), the procedure can take up to 48 hours, depending on the workload of the moderator. Also, the website rules state that withdrawal of funds can take from 48 hours when transferring online up to 5 banking days when it comes to bank transfer.

If you have any problem, we recommend that you contact directly our Customer Support Team, which is happy to help you 24/7.

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