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What Are Active Sell/Buy Orders And How Do They Work?

Is It Possible To Trade On The BTC-Alpha Platform Using Bots, How To Do It And What Restrictions Are There?

BTC-Alpha can use trading based on trading bots. This technology has become popular on FOREX exchanges and in binary options trading, and with the growth of cryptocurrency exchanges it has spread to them. Bots are a very convenient option for making short-term deals.

How Does A Cryptocurrency Bot Work?

Any bot, including a cryptocurrency one, is a software is subject to a certain algorithm. A cryptocurrency bot can buy or sell currencies by assessing the current state of the market. It can work on one platform or several, and even conclude transactions in Telegram, communicating with the user.

In order to write a bot for working on a cryptocurrency platform, you need a thorough technical analysis of the market, including information on price changes over the past year and the prerequisites for them. Some bots use indicators to assess the market situation, while others are automatically executed under certain conditions. The simplest bots buy cryptocurrency when the rate decreases and sell when it grows. More complex ones can analyze many indicators before initiating an order.

Where Can I Get A Bot?

You can create the bot yourself, buy it from the developer, or download it from a free resource. In the first case, programming skills are indispensable, and in the latter there are great chances of running into scammers who use a bot to get to your funds and steal them. Therefore, if you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to write the software yourself, it is better to buy it from trusted developers. You can not only buy a bot, but also rent it for a while.

How To Trade On BTC-Alpha Using Bots

For trading on BTC-Alpha using bots, the API system is used, which allows writing bots for our exchange. It is a complex of data that allows you to trade according to specified parameters. More information about the technology used on the platform can be found here. The only limitation for bots that you need to keep in mind is the limited number of concurrent requests. The bot cannot send more than 5 requests per second to the server. For any questions or problems when creating or working with a bot, you can contact our Customer Support service.

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