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What Are The Parameters Of Using The BTC-Alpha Referral Program And What Bonuses Can I Get?

How The BTC-Alpha's Referral Program Works

The BTC-Alpha Referral Program is a great opportunity to receive bonuses and passive income provided by our platform for users. Everything is very simple. As soon as you register and create an account on our exchange, you have the opportunity to invite friends and acquaintances via a special invite link. Those who follow your link and register on BTC-Alpha will be your referral. Their list can be viewed in the «My referrals» tab in your account.

What Does The BTC-Alpha Referral Program Give To Users?

The program is two-way, that is, bonuses for participating in the BTC-Alpha referral program are awarded not only to the referrer (the user whose link the referral comes from), but also to the referrals themselves. These awards include:

  • 50% discount on trading commission charged by the platform;
  • the ability to receive 50% of the commission for purchases and sales carried out by your referrals on the exchange.

A referral is considered active within 30 days after making his/her first trade. This means that the discount is valid only during this period for both the referrer and the referral. There is no limit to the number of users you can invite. The more people you invite as your referrals, the higher your passive income will be. The platform has the right to make changes to the referral program at its discretion.

Can You Become A Referral Without An Invite From Any Of Your Friends?

This program implies that users will invite their friends and acquaintances interested in trading on a proven platform. Yet if you do not have friends who could give you a referral link, and you want to use the bonuses of the referral program already at the stage of entering the system? In this case, you have two options to log in as a referral:

In any case, we advise you to subscribe our channels and chats in Telegram to get all the hot news and take part in the discussions.

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