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What Are Basic Concepts Of Crypto Trading Worth Knowing Before Getting Started?

How Does BTC-Alpha Demo Trading Work?

The BTC-Alpha platform provides newcomers to the world of crypto trading with a unique opportunity to learn how to trade with our help. The Demo Trading on BTC-Alpha allows you to understand the work of a trader in practice, without losing your own funds and investments. Demo Trading uses special demo currencies, in which all the principles of trading real crypto currencies are observed, including real prices and real charts for technical crypto market analysis.

The movement of the chart, as in regular cryptocurrency trading, occurs organically and is the result of the activities of all demo traders on the platform. Demo Trading will help you trade by building your own strategies and based on the analysis of the situation in a real functioning crypto market.

Step-By-Step Instructions For A Newbie Demo-Trader

  • Select the terminal in which you will trade on the left side of the menu. You need the «Demo Trading» option.
  • On the left you will see a menu where you can select a trading pair. It contains information about currencies, their daily volume and price dynamics.
  • If you have carefully studied all the information about currency pairs and charts, let's try to make a deal. Depending on whether you want to buy or sell demo currency, you will need to create an order — an application for a buy or sell deal. You will see two options — «Buy» and «Sell». Choose the best price in the block you need. The rest of the fields will be filled in automatically. You can also set your price and the quantity you need, and then your order will be included in the general order book for sell or buy, depending on your choice.
  • Your order is active. Here you can view all your active orders. You can view already executed orders for the purchase and sale of the selected demo currency pairs in the «History» tab.

Where Can You Get Demo Currencies?

When signing up on the BTC-Alpha platform, you will receive demo-Bitcoins and demo-USDT to your account. But this is not the only way to receive demo currencies to your account. By talking about our Demo Trading program in social media, you can increase the number of demo funds in your account. You can learn more about our bonus system by following this link.

Once you get your hands on demo trading and feel confident, you can start trading for real. To do this, you will need to top up your wallet using any of the payment systems from this list. As soon as the funds are deposited, you are ready to conquer the world of crypto trading already with all the experience and knowledge you've got before.

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