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How Can You Deposit Funds To The Balance Using Payment Systems?

How To Deposit Funds To Your Balance And Buy Cryptocurrency Using A Bank Card Via Mercuryo

The BTC-Alpha platform provides the ability to buy cryptocurrency not only through payment systems, but also directly from your bank card using the Mercuryo currency exchange platform. This service supports both debit and credit cards. In order to use it, you need to register on the website

This Way Of Buying Cryptocurrency Has The Following Advantages:

  • Convenience and speed of transactions. The process takes literally a few minutes, which is very important for a trader.
  • 4 fiat currencies to choose from, avoiding the inconvenience and fees associated with double exchanging.
  • Security of transactions.
  • No hidden fees. The only commission you pay is 4.85% in fiat currency for buying BTC, ETH, USDT and TRX.

To use the service of depositing and withdrawing currencies to your bank card using the BTC-Alpha platform, you should sign up on our platform and go through user verification up to at least the second level (KYC 2). This is necessary to comply with the security measures of your work with the platform and to prevent illegal activities on the exchange.

In order to replenish your balance and buy cryptocurrency using your bank card, you need to use the form for buying cryptocurrency through a bank card in your account profile. If you have any questions that have appeared before, during or after using the service, you can write to us in social networks or to the user support service at [email protected].

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