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How Can You Deposit Funds To The Balance And Buy Cryptocurrency Via Bank Card?

How To Deposit Funds To Your Wallet's Balance On BTC-Alpha Crypto Trading Platform Via Payment Systems

To start trading on BTC-Alpha platform, you need to have on your balance the funds that you will need to trade and perform transactions. This can be done by depositing funds to your wallet through payment services. The BTC-Alpha crypto trading platform supports the following payment systems:

  • AdvCash
  • Perfect Money
  • NIXMoney
  • Mercuryo

To deposit funds to your wallet on our platform using any of the payment systems mentioned above, you should sign up on the service of your choice. We recommend choosing a service taking into account the conditions that suit you, the convenience of the interface, as well as fees and currencies offered by the certain payment system. As for August 2020, Mercuryo is the only one that allows you to buy cryptocurrency on BTC-Alpha directly from your bank card.

How To Use The BTC-Alpha Wallet's Replenishment Service

If you want to replenish your balance on BTC-Alpha using the payment system of your choice, you need to do this only through the wallet on our platform. If you try to deposit funds to your balance through the payment system service, the funds will not be sent to your account.

You will see the «Finance» section in the User's account. Through it, you replenish the balance on your wallet. You will be redirected to the payment system service, where you will need to log in to transfer funds to the wallet on BTC-Alpha.

For Mercuryo, the section has a separate form for buying cryptocurrencies with your bank card. It is very important to fill in all the form fields correctly.

In case of problems with sending funds to an account using a payment system, it is worth remembering that BTC-Alpha is not responsible for the operation of payment systems. You need to contact the user's support service of the chosen payment system to solve an issue.

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