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How Can I Fill Out An Application For A Regular Listing On BTC-Alpha?

How Coin Developers Can Participate In The Social Listing

BTC-Alpha provides new cryptocurrencies' teams that lack the funds to launch with the opportunity to raise them through social listing, a program that works similarly to crowdfunding for social and business projects. We help cryptocurrency startups raise money to launch a coin or token that will be added to the listing on BTC-Alpha if the campaign is successful.

Not only the owners of a coin or token or its official representatives, yet also developers can take part in the Social Listing. Application rules for developers are the same as for other product representatives.

What Do You Need To Participate In A Social Listing On BTC-Alpha?

The developer can apply for a Social Listing if the project's team has a good reputation, obtains an active community and materials about it are presented on resources such as Github or Bitcointalk. You will need to provide your contact information in the form of email and Telegram (you will also need to provide a link to the channel and chat dedicated to the product).

It is also important to have a well-written document (Whitepaper), which clearly explains the parameters, goals and relevance of the product for the digital asset market. The developer must understand that the better the technical component is spelled out, the fewer questions our team will have in the process of adding a coin or token to the web platform.

The token's/coin's developer must provide quality feedback in case of any questions from the BTC-Alpha team to perform a successful fundraising campaign. Developer should inform us about updates, forks and other important events that can affect the price of the crypto-asset. If there is no feedback, the project may be subject to delisting, therefore active communication with our team is vitally important.

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