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What Should I Do If Someone Writes To Me On Telegram Or Other Social Media On Behalf Of BTC-Alpha?

What Are The Main Communication Channels To Contact BTC-Alpha Team?

Official representatives of the BTC-Alpha platform can be contacted using various channels. Most of the communication is done via email. Our representatives will write to you in case of any problems or the need to clarify the data via the email you specified during signing-up process.

Customer Support Team Contacts

If you have any problems while working on the platform, you can write to us by e-mail [email protected]. Our Customer Support team works 24/7. You will be answered within the shortest time, depending on the workload of the Support Team.

You can also contact our Customer Support managers directly via Telegram by writing to or write to our chat /btcalpha ( for Russian-speaking users). Our administrators will answer you and help you solve any issue you have.

Whom To Contact In Telegram To Solve Possible Issues

@BTCAlpha_Mark — Head of the BTC-Alpha Customer Support Team

@BTCAlpha_Diana — Listing Manager

@BTCAlpha_Andrey — International Partnership Manager

@BTCAlpha_Den — Customer Support Manager

@BTCAlpha_Albert — Customer Support Manager

@BTCAlpha_Richard — Customer Support Manager

@BTCAlpha_Paul — Customer Support Manager

@BTCAlpha_Listing — Tokens/Coins integrations

@BTCAlpha_Vitalii — CEO BTC-Alpha

@BTCAlpha_Verification — Verification Manager (KYC Manager)

@Valeriia_BTCAlpha — Marketing Manager

Official BTC-Alpha Communities On Social Media



You can contact in direct messages to the community on any of these social media channels if you have any questions about working on the platform or opportunities for cooperation.

CAUTION! Beware the scammers who claim to be BTC-Alpha representatives

If in any of the social networks or messenger someone writes to you with our avatar allegedly on behalf of the platform and asks to transfer money, don't do it.

If necessary, our representatives contact users only via e-mail and never ask to transfer money to any account (except for informing the user about the details for listings, if the user himself/herself expressed his willingness to pay for this service). If you transfer money to fraudsters posing as our representatives, the platform will not be held responsible for the loss of funds, as it will be caused by the user's non-compliance with the Security Policy of BTC-Alpha.

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