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How Can Coin Developers Participate In A Social Listing?

How To Fill Out An Application For A Social Listing And What Is Necessary For This Procedure

Social listing is a unique opportunity to raise funds to launch your cryptocurrency and submit it for trading on BTC-Alpha, provided by our platform for owners, developers and official representatives of the coin/token. You need to leave an application on our website n order to get into the Social Listing program on BTC-Alpha.

How To Fill Out An application

If you want to participate in the Social Listing on our platform, you will need to fill in all the required items in the application, after which it will be sent for consideration by our team. If the application is approved, we will send you the details for paying for the service and start working on adding your coin/token to the site, which will start no earlier than 00:00 UTC on the next business day after payment for the service.

In the application, you will need to indicate your contact information (email, channel / chat dedicated to the project and contact person in Telegram), full and abbreviated name of the coin or token, its icon in the required format, as well as the official website of the product. A prerequisite for participating in the program is the availability of information about him on resources such as Bitcointalk, Github and other open verified resources, as well as discussion on the forums. Links to this information should be inserted into the appropriate fields of the application form.

It is also necessary to indicate the price of your crypto-asset at the time of filling out the application, including in pairs with the coins specified in the application, a git repository and a block explorer. The processing time of the application will depend on the technical features of your asset and your speed of response to clarifying questions from our team.

Feedback From The Team Of BTC-Alpha

Providing feedback for us is very important to participate in the program. Our experts can contact you to clarify technical issues related to adding your coin / token to the site. It is also necessary to be able to provide Whitepaper and technical documentation. The Whitepaper should clearly state the goals and objectives of the product, its relevance for the crypto community and the digital asset market. For technical documentation, the high quality of the submitted information is important for the speed of the process of adding an asset to the site. It is necessary to inform us of any important changes affecting the asset price (such as hard forks).

If you have any questions, you can contact our Customer Support team and find out with our experts all the nuances that interest you.

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