17 February, 2022 

What New Use Cases Of NFTs Could Emerge In the Metaverse?

If with the advent of NFT few people understood what they are good for and why they cost such a huge amount of money, with the development of the metaverses they finally begin to make sense even for people who do not trust hype novelties. An expanded virtual copy of our familiar life circumstances is acquiring new details and opportunities, and NFTs will play the same important role in it as any physical goods and documents. In virtual reality, fantasy worlds are already being created for us, and the spaces for businesses are being prepared.
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What New Use Cases Of NFTs Could Emerge In the Metaverse?

Pieces of land in the metaverse are already up for sale, and this way a virtual real estate market is being formed. In-game items are traded between participants in different games in the same way as it happens in P2P sales we used to know, as well as on online marketplaces.

Let's imagine what use cases of NFTs in the metaverse might emerge in the future. The world of technology is developing at a cosmic speed, and, most likely, we cannot even imagine what can be born on this soil, but already now we can try to predict how the world of the future will look like.

Titles In the NFT

Since the world of the metaverse is closely connected with the world of gamified reality and fantasy, and the blockchain opens up unique opportunities for verifying a wide variety of data and confirming rights, we will be able to see officially titled lords, earls and even kings in the metaverse.

Superpowers You Can Buy

Since virtual realities are developed in such a way that they have access to what is not available in the physical world, it is possible that their creators and participants will come up with a technology in which the owners of certain NFTs will have more opportunities and available actions within a particular universe.

New Types Of Creatures

We already have NFT analogues of well-known Pokémon and characters that change with the moon phases. It is very likely that the virtual worlds will be inhabited by animals never seen before, and to add action, not all of them will be friendly to the avatars of the users. And, of course, they will have owners who bought them in NFT.

Virtual Slave Market

Our world has never been a perfect place, and while we try to make it better with the help of technology, someone is having fun verbally abusing artificial intelligence bots. So I wouldn't be surprised if this kind of business built on cruelty and ownership in the NFT would emerge in the metaverse. Hopefully, these will be holograms, and the rights and feelings of real people will not be affected.

Neuro Drugs

There are all sorts of potions and mana in video games that increase players' stamina and strength, but it is possible that the market for these potions will expand into NFTs that are purely recreational. Physically they cannot destroy human health, but they can have an effect on neural connections, which can only be tracked when they appear and it will be possible to observe them in the future. In general, in virtual reality there will be both good and bad, because behind all this there are people who are inherent in both. Surely there will be many ethical dilemmas, and it will be interesting to watch all of this as a new round of human development.

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