11 November, 2020 

The Whole Truth About PZM Paramining On BTC-Alpha

Due to a number of questions about PZM paramining, the BTC-Alpha team decided to dispel user doubts once and for all. In this article, we provide official information about the paramining (staking) of this coin
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The Whole Truth About PZM Paramining On BTC-Alpha

This article contains all the main points that you need to know before paramining PZM.

The BTC-Alpha exchange is as transparent as possible in its statements and intentions to make trading for the PZM coin community as convenient and profitable as possible. Yet first, let's understand the principles of paramining.

Paramining PZM: How And Why

Paramining (or PZM staking) is the mining of PZM using coins on the wallet balance. In other words, forging is an alternative method of mining cryptocurrency that takes place without the need for mining. The virtual currency stored in the users' own wallets produces new tokens and generates income for the holder.

The more coins you have on hold, the more productive your staking is. Benefits:

— There are no costs for expensive equipment, electricity, and other related costs, in contrast to a classic mining Average blockchain block generation takes 59 seconds The formation time does not depend on the number of transactions.

— Paramining system PRZM is a convenient tool for promoting and making money for traders who are interested in and trade this coin. According to the developers of the project, there is no similar staking in any modern cryptocurrency. They call the main advantage of the inability to interfere with this mechanism and counterfeit new coins. All users can track the number of coins issued by the system in real-time.

— Parameterization works on any wallet with a balance of more than 1 PZM and stops automatically when the balance reaches 1,000,000 PZM. Also, the speed of mining new coins depends on their number. The more cryptocurrency on the wallet, the higher the paramining speed, and accordingly, the higher your profitability. In the case of staking on the exchange, the more funds in the holding, the higher the profit.

For example, you deposit 50,000 PZM on staking, the monthly yield of which will be from 5 to 10%, so for a month of ferry mining you earn about 3,000 - 5,000 rubles, without much effort. (You can show this with different amounts on the graph: low, medium, and highest)


For a more detailed study of PZM staking, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the official materials of the project.

What Are The Advantages Of PZM Paramining On The BTC-Alpha Exchange?

Improved wallet structure

The platform builds the structure of wallets in such a way as to increase the percentage of income. No need to look for where and with whom to build the structure.

The instant transition from trade and vice versa

You can instantly switch from trading to staking and get income without doing anything, or go back to trading. At the same time, there are no additional commissions, and the execution time is instant.

Passive and guaranteed income

Wondering why staking is good for a PZM course? Instead of selling coins at an unfavorable rate, a trader can earn passively with 100% certainty, without going into particularly sophisticated actions.


We plan to give as much paramining as possible. Due to the peculiarities of the work of paramining, the percentage of earnings can differ and vary from 5% to 10% per month. All wallets will be visible to users.

How will PZM paramining work on BTC-Alpha: it includes 3 simple steps:

You deposit PRZ currency on the platform or buy a coin directly on the platform.

You decide that you want to earn passively with a high percentage. To do this, just go to the staking page and indicate the amount you want to invest.

Take your piece of the pie as a percentage of the invested amount every few hours.

Popular Stereotypes About PZM Paramining On BTC-Alpha: What It Really Is

Speculation and doubts have already arisen on BTC-Alpha since the launch of paramining. The BTC-Alpha team is ready to provide facts and detailed explanations for this:

“This is a scam. Really, you will give the same money that you earned on trading?"

There can be no scam. BTC-Alpha is primarily a trading platform that works to make it convenient and reliable for our traders. We will receive funds for staking from the paramining of the PZM coin. And to make it profitable for our clients to work with us, we will try to achieve the maximum percentage of income per day, and also promise transparency to each of the staking participants.

“You are trying to confuse us! Why not use one wallet?"

This is a feature of paramining in a prism. It will be disabled if the balance on the wallet is more than 1,000,000 PZM. Therefore, we must organize a grid with multiple prism wallets to work effectively. We are ready to show all wallets on which staking will take place, despite the impending issue of anonymity.

"Why are the percentages indicated in the table on the prism website much higher than yours?"

One of the unobvious parameters of paramining is Paratax. This is a coefficient (parameter) that over time changes the difficulty of mining prism coins. The higher the% Paratax, the more difficult it is to mine new coins. We cannot control it. Therefore, paramining percentages fluctuate slightly over time.

“Freezing is a distraction, it doesn't work that way. How will a user know that these are not internal manipulations in the program?"

BTC-Alpha offers a tool for those who do not have time to understand charts and trading, but who have a desire and opportunity to earn money.

Of course, everyone has the right to decide how to get a profit — either trade, or go to paramining himself/herself, or use other pools. Our platform cannot influence the course in a meaningful way, however, we understand that such methods also have their benefits for users. We are absolutely transparent in our actions, but we will not be able to show the amounts and recipients: this violates Privacy Policy by BTC-Alpha.

“What will happen if the exchange rate rises significantly? Where is the guarantee of stability for a later period?"

There can be no manipulations with the course. We, as a platform, do not run the course. The rate is the market balance. And we provide tools for trading and investing. The same tools that are already present in the PRZM blockchain or any other where there is mining/staking.

"How long will the Staking last?"

For now, there will be a mechanism in the blockchain that will generate new coins based on existing ones. Or it will happen when another mechanism appears that generates income.

The BTC-Alpha exchange provides all the possibilities for comfortable trading, which is why we value the community of growing projects that join it. The launch of PZM paramining on BTC-Alpha and a decrease in fees for trading this cryptocurrency is our step towards traders who have long wanted to try making money not only on orders, but also on passive trading. We also remind you of the transparency of the website and the provision of all security measures.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the work of the exchange and this project, send your wishes to our Telegram community. We are always glad to receive your feedback.

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