22 February, 2022 

The Creators of Axie Infinity Released a New RON Token.

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The Creators of Axie Infinity Released a New RON Token.

NFT game development studio Sky Mavis, which is famous for the success of the game Axie Infinity, recently released the RON governance token for the Ronin sidechain. On the same day, the digital asset was added to the listing by the OKX exchange, which was previously known as OKEx.

According to the developers, Sky Mavis created its EVM-based blockchain called Ronin to develop the ecosystem of NFT games, most notably the well-known game Axie Infinity.

Due to the limited scalability of the main Ethereum network, the development of Axie Infinity has experienced forced delays for many years. Therefore, its creators decided to create their own blockchain and RON governance token.

With the advent of Ronin, Axie Infinity has received a lot of goodies, such as a 300% increase in monthly NFT trading volume. In addition, 180% of new traders were added every month, and the number of active users increased by 131% every month for 9 months from the launch of the network to the release of the token. All of this is due to a number of benefits offered by the network. For example, transactions are cheap and fast on the Ronin network, users can freely transfer their Axies to the network wallet and back to the main Ethereum network using the Ronin bridge, and simplified registration attracts more and more users. At the time of writing, Ronin is the third largest bridge after Poligon and Lavina. And, although Ronin was created to solve the problems of Axie Infinity, the network is open to cooperation with other NFT game projects.

RON token

The main purpose of creating the RON token is to protect and ensure the decentralization of the Ronin blockchain. With this token, builders and network users will be able to develop Ronin by holding or staking RON to participate in block validation. Of course, such interaction with the network will be rewarded with payments of RON tokens. The maximum amount of RON is limited to 1 billion tokens. At first, a large-scale release of tokens was envisaged so that players, content creators, developers and partners could connect to the ecosystem. But every three months, the output will be reduced. The full volume of tokens will be issued within 294 months.

Currently, the Ronin token can be bought on the OKX, FTX, Gate.io and Jubi cryptocurrency exchanges at a fairly reasonable price. At the time of writing, the token was trading at $2.27, but judging by the exchange rate chart on Coinmarketcap, the upward trend is still continuing.

Therefore, it is quite possible that in the near future the value of RON will increase significantly, despite the fact that the starting price of the token was $3.57 on January 27, 2022, and, to put it mildly, the launch into space was a bit of a failure.

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