25 April, 2022 

Promising Businesses in Ukraine - Can This Be Planned Now?

Now you can hear more talk that the war could last much longer than previously thought. So far, no one is sure when it will end and how fast Ukraine will recover after the war.
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Promising Businesses in Ukraine - Can This Be Planned Now?

So far, the prospects are not encouraging - according to experts, a year of war will cost Ukraine 45% economic recession, and this may not even end in one year.

However, we can already imagine the prospects for the development of business in post-war Ukraine. At least we can see what spheres of the economy will crave for new solutions and where people and investment will be highly needed. Let’s think what kind of business you can start in Ukraine after the end of the war.

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Construction Works

You don't have to be an expert in economics to understand that destroyed homes and infrastructure need to be rebuilt. Therefore, construction businesses of a wide range of specialization will be relevant - from the manufacture and sale of building materials to the performance of construction and finishing works. This can become a huge pool for employment of the population. Also, don’t forget about construction training programs for refugees who plan to return and help to rebuild the country - the European experience will be useful for Ukraine, and these people will be in demand in the labor market.


These guys won't be out of work anywhere. Especially in a country whose data centers and offices were damaged during the war. We should expect active digitalization of everything possible, because information stored in the cloud or blockchain cannot be physically destroyed. The development of the crypto industry is expected, as the war demonstrated that cryptocurrency can be an effective tool, not tied to the banking system. There will be a huge need for digital products with a variety of apps, including those focused on martial law, because, unfortunately, the proximity of Russia means the constant threat of war, and its population has already been brainwashed enough, and even a destroyed system has a chance of successfully reproducing itself.


As transport corridors across Russia and China are understandably not the options anymore, Ukraine will need to find new ways for supply chains. It would be great if it can join the international routes. These should be explored by those who plan to organize cargo transportation, so that it will be possible to occupy this niche first.


This is a critical issue not only for Ukraine, but for entire Europe - after all, buying Russian gas and oil means sponsoring Russian military aggression. This means that there will be a search for other ways, establishing new partnerships and building new businesses related to alternative energy sources. That’s a lot of work and this will require significant investments, but if they can be attracted, the business in this area will have a great future.

The most promising of these areas is, of course, digital, because it will be able to serve each of them by creating products that are useful at any level of the industry. Many of them switch to blockchain now, so developing a product based this technology will increase the chances of success.

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