24 August, 2021 

How to Deposit Currency in BTC-Alpha Mobile App

How to Deposit Currency in BTC-Alpha Mobile App Using Mercuryo Mercuryo is a service that allows you to fund your balance on the BTC-Alpha exchange directly from a bank card. Here's an easy and simple way to do it using our mobile app.
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How to Deposit Currency in BTC-Alpha Mobile App
In the lower right corner of your wallet menu, click on the "Deposit" button.
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Enter the desired deposit amount and select the currency. Then select Mercuryo below from the list of systems you can use. Click the blue button “Receive the desired currency”.
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You will see how much currency you can buy for the selected amount of money. Click “Proceed”.
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Be sure to accept the terms of service in the next window below the details of the planned transaction.
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The system will ask you to enter your mobile number, where an SMS code will be sent for the security of the transaction. Enter it in the field provided.
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Then enter your card details for debiting funds. Next, the system will redirect you to your Internet bank, where you need to confirm the debiting of funds from your card.
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Done! You will receive an email with payment details and you just have to wait until the funds are credited to your balance. The procedure takes up to 30-40 minutes from the moment of payment.
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