27 May, 2021 

How the New Verification Procedure on BTC-Alpha Works

We have updated our verification procedure but don’t worry about it! Everything has become even simpler and more self-explanatory than ever!
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How the New Verification Procedure on BTC-Alpha Works

Below we explain in detail how it works in its updated version. If you are wondering why you need to do it except for the limit removal, here you can find this information.

Before the update, the verification of user’s identity was divided into four levels from 0 to 3. This included verification of the email address, personal information about the user, their identity and address. Now we still require the aforementioned information but the classification has changed into more logical and understandable categories.



This step combines the two first levels of verification. You need to fill in your first and last names, full birth date, gender and your contact phone number. This step also requires two photos, of the document that proves your identity and your selfie with this document. You need to fill in the form with the information about this document, such as its type, country and the term of its expiration if there is any.


According to the previous version of verification, this will be the third level. You need to fill in your full address including zip code and also upload the photo of the document that proves your residence on the specified address in jpeg format.

Document requirements:

✅ Receipt for utility bills (gas, water, electricity)

✅ Receipt for communication services (Internet or landline phone)

✅ Bank/card account statement stamped and signed by a Bank representative

✅ Confirmation of the Bank of an opened account in your name with the seal and signature of the Bank representative

✅ Notification from tax agency

Registration in the passport can be attached to the above documents only in special cases. For example, if the actual place of residence (house or apartment) is the property of the spouse, mother, father, etc.


This is the new category we didn’t have before. You need to upload a ready form, fill it in and upload it back into the special field. This section also has a place for the document. You need to choose its type from the dropdown list above the place for its photo. You can choose one from the following options:

Your banking account or card statement sealed and signed by the bank’s representative; The bank’s confirmation of the account opened on your name, sealed, and signed by the bank’s representative.

As you can see, everything is pretty simple! But if you still have questions, our 24/7 customer support will be happy to help you.

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