19 January, 2021 

How Do We Know the Altcoin Season Is Already Here

As usual, Bitcoin is in the center of everybody's attention with his tremendous ups and downs. It's normal because its price influences the entire crypto market. However, it's not the only worthy cryptocurrency here although its superiority in price and the options for investment it provides can't be denied. Not all can afford purchasing loads of Bitcoins, and altcoins are not only good for stockpiling them with the purpose of risk hedging but also offer lots of interesting solutions and innovations worth following.
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How Do We Know the Altcoin Season Is Already Here

Ethereum is essential in multiple DeFi products that are being very popular these days. The DeFi field is full of promising and useful technologies, and most of them are linked to the Ethereum blockchain. This makes ETH safe for investments because there's no one to beat it in functionality and necessity for decentralized projects at the moment. It keeps developing, and now we can see the updated network Ethereum 2.0. However, this strong position on the crypto market naturally affects its price, so this cryptocurrency isn't cheap as well. It can't be compared to Bitcoin but also can't be called affordable.

Fortunately, there's plenty of fish in the sea, and the crypto market is full of opportunities. And again, we can't skip mentioning Bitcoin that was carried by whales and institutional investors up to its all-time high since the autumn of 2020. The rapid growth of Bitcoin attracted really big market players that can afford to bring millions and billions of dollars into the industry. It is good for the market's capitalization in many aspects, and one of them is in favor of altcoins because people who cannot afford to purchase Bitcoins but want to enter the market turned to the other cryptocurrencies.

Altcoins Worth Paying Attention to

This field is also developing rapidly, and the new altcoins keep entering the market. They try to attract users with different options to get income and privileges. Which ones got the most attention from the crypto community in the beginning of the altcoin season? Litecoin

This is also one of the first cryptocurrencies that is quite popular as an investment option. It's often called "a digital silver" (like Bitcoin is called "a digital gold"). He isn't cheap too, although much cheaper than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The transactions in this network is very fast, and the generation of blocks is also much faster than in the Bitcoin network which makes Litecoin a great option for big and fast transacts.


At the end of the last year, this altcoin almost doubled its price. Experts think that very soon it will be able to compete with Ethereum in functionality because its concept of the parallel networks is able to handle bigger volumes of transactions. Polkadot ecosystem has multiple developing projects that are backed with informational and financial support from a well-known industry giant Binance.


It's a favorite altcoin of Elon Musk, and this man certainly will not give you poor financial advice. It's very convenient for transactions between different platforms. It's been here on the market for a long time. Recently it is being actively promoted in social media but it doesn't look like a scam pump, rather a funny forced meme. And it really works, because many people are attracted to it pushing its value up.


It's a native token of the very first DEX exchange in the crypto world that issued a generous airdrop due to its listing. This move made it the center of the crypto community's attention and benefited the token's value. Uniswap project allows trading tokens without the liquidity pool created by buyers and sellers that we are used to. Interesting is the fact that Uniswap started growing rapidly when the Bitcoin rally began, so this token is definitely worth giving a chance.

It's not even the top of the iceberg; only a few snowflakes from it. The world of altcoins is dynamic and diverse; there's always something interesting going on. Therefore, everyone can find some interesting altcoins and projects to follow now, as soon as the alt season has begun, or further on, as it booms due to all factors mentioned above.

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