28 July, 2021 

Bitcoin As a Major Currency - What to Expect in 10 Years?

Cryptocurrencies are getting closer to people every day. Many online retailers and even well-known brands like Starbucks, Home Depot, and Target, add cryptocurrencies as one of the payment options.
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Bitcoin As a Major Currency - What to Expect in 10 Years?

Magnetic eyelash beauty brand Glamnetic recently started accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin (DOGE). To facilitate the process, the firm partnered with the electronic payment provider BitPay. To educate people who have little understanding of cryptocurrencies and how the entire industry works, the company creates educational videos on TikTok.

From now on, in Switzerland you can even take out insurance for cryptocurrencies. The insurance company AXA accepts payments in Bitcoins for various policies, except for life insurance, since the country's legislation does not yet allow this.

More companies started paying their employees salaries in Bitcoins

For example, the NBA team Sacramento Kings announced the option of paying salaries in Bitcoin to franchise employees and even players. People will be able to receive the part of the salary they want in cryptocurrency.

They also decided to apply a similar approach in the Netherlands. Domino's Pizza employees can now choose to receive a part of their salary both in euros and in Bitcoins. Moreover, even tips can be paid in BTC.

Cryptocurrency and taxes

In some countries, cryptocurrencies can be used to buy real estate or pay taxes, and many special ATMs for digital currencies are being set up. In the US alone, an average of 48 crypto ATMs are launched every day.

Also, the USA considers the option of paying taxes in cryptocurrency. In Jackson, Tennessee, they are going to accept payments of the real estate taxes in Bitcoins, and in Williston, North Dakota, utility bills are already paid in Bitcoins.

El Salvador decided to recognize Bitcoin as an official currency, and its citizens will receive free Bitcoins after downloading a government-released cryptocurrency wallet application.

Therefore, cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of everyday life. And in just 10 years, they may become an integral part of the world's economy, occupying their niche along with the currencies of different countries or even surpassing them as a universal means of payment for goods and services.

How can you not miss out?

Most people think that entering the cryptocurrency space is as difficult as IT. That you need to understand the special "cryptocurrency" language and invest a lot of money. In fact, it's not rocket science at all!

But you shouldn't immediately take out all your savings and rush to buy Bitcoins or Ethereum. Of course, you can try investing in cryptocurrency like you would do with any other savings account in a bank. The interest won’t collect, but in a couple of years the rate may pleasantly surprise you.

And if you want to get results faster, cryptocurrency trading may be a better option for you. However, you should learn how to do it first.

For example, on our exchange you can try the BTC-Alpha demo trading without any investment. You don’t have to put your savings under risk, and you can sink your teeth into cryptocurrency trading on your own experience in a safe space of demo mode.

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