28 May, 2020 

Basics of Trading On The BTC-Alpha Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency trading is an area in which we have been working for more than 5 years. But every month more and more new users join us. And this brief instruction is for them. Not sure where to start crypto trading? BTC-Alpha Team is here to tell you more details about crypto trading.
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Basics of Trading On The BTC-Alpha Crypto Exchange

What The Crypto Trading Platform BTC-Alpha Offers

More than 100 cryptocurrencies and 200 trading pairs are available to our users. The cryptocurrency exchange presents the most popular assets of the modern market — and technical indicators, accurate graphs, and an expert-trading terminal help to understand what is happening to them. In addition, we offer quick deposit and withdrawal of funds, purchase of cryptocurrency directly via your bank card, and the possibility of training cryptocurrency trading using demo accounts.

It’s easy to start because installing a trading terminal on a computer is not required — just any modern browser is enough.

How To Join Our Platform

If your friends already trade on BTC-Alpha, the obvious advantage will be signing-up by their referral link. By becoming a referral, you get an impressive discount on the trading commission for 30 days — as well as the opportunity to earn up to $ 1 million in referrals as part of an updated referral program, all of which we will show in summer 2020.

If there are no users yet among your friends, you can go through the standard registration procedure. And in the future, you can become a referrer yourself and receive passive income by inviting new referrals.

The more active traders you bring to the crypto exchange, the more you can earn with them.

A Few Guidelines For Data Security

BTC-Alpha is one of the top 15 secure crypto exchanges in the world. It is all about regular updates, improving the functionality of our exchange and new products for the cryptocurrency market that we develop and launch. But not only we are responsible for the security of your data, but you as well.

To avoid the risks associated with possible fraud, we strongly recommend that you activate 2-factor authentification in your BTC-Alpha profile. It is very simple and quick to do this, and as a result, hackers will not be able to gain unauthorized access to your account under any circumstances while your smartphone is with you.

How To Recharge Your Account Balance On BTC-Alpha

To start crypto trading, you need to have funds on the balance sheet. As of the first half of 2020, the BTC-Alpha exchange cooperates with several payment services: Mercuryo (users who have completed the full verification procedure), AdvCash, Perfect Money, PAYEER, NIXMoney.

How to choose the most suitable service for you to deposit/withdraw funds? Compare the interface, fees, and available currencies of each of the services — and select the most favorable conditions for yourself. Next, sign up on the service of your choice. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the support service of a particular service directly. IMPORTANT NOTE: technical support specialists of the BTC-Alpha exchange do not have information about all aspects of the operation of a particular payment system through which you deposit or withdraw your funds.

You need to get fiat funds to the exchange through the “Finance” section from your account on BTC-Alpha (on the contrary, you will not receive a deposit from the payment service profile) or through the cryptocurrency purchase form from a Mercuryo bank card. In the case of entering cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to fill out all forms on the deposit page, including comments.

The current information on the time of depositing is indicated on the page of the currency that you want to put on the BTC-Alpha exchange.

Can You Start Trading Right Away?

Immediately after successful signing up and replenishment of your balance in the trader’s account, you can start trading. Choose coins and currency pairs that interest you, read analytics and forecasts on the Alpha Stories as well as on third-party websites, exchange experiences with other traders in our chat, track the rate and earn on the difference in rates, selling and buying various cryptocurrencies. Both the most popular coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin) are available to you, as well as less known, but no less promising ones — the BTC-Alpha exchange provides you with a wide field of action.

How To Withdraw Earned Funds

After successful crypto trading operations, the logical next step is to withdraw the money earned (both fiat and cryptocurrencies to external wallets and accounts). To do this, again go to the "Finance" section, select the currency you want to withdraw — and follow all the requested actions.

On average, the withdrawal takes from 5 to 15 minutes (for verified users). For unverified users, withdrawals can take up to 72 hours.

If you want your payments to go much faster, you should go through the KYC procedure. You can read more about it on the pages of our blog. If you still have questions, you can always turn to specialists of Tech Support Department at BTC-Alpha — they work 24/7.

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