19 April, 2022 

Agrarian Industrial Complex And Crypto Economics

It’s obvious that the post-war period will be difficult for both Ukraine and Russia, and the war is already having an impact on the economy worldwide. If during the war the cryptocurrency proved to be an effective mechanism of mutual assistance and self-organization, after the war it will open up new opportunities to help people and businesses.
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Agrarian Industrial Complex And Crypto Economics

The agro-industrial complex is always in demand, especially in poor countries, and it is on it that the main emphasis will be placed after the war, when the issue of food will become especially acute. Crypto projects that are included in this area of ​​the economy have a chance to go far. And this is not about an explosive sprint with super profits, but about a long-term reconquest of a place under the sun in order to become a significant part of the financial world.

Fortunately, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have a lot to offer in this sector of the economy, and if given a chance, they can completely transform the infrastructure of the agricultural industry. And you will be surprised in how many ways.

Blockchain As the Answer to All the Agricultural Questions

The eternal agricultural industry’s weak points are the problems of storage and transportation of goods. After all, products tend to deteriorate if they lie in a warehouse for a very long time waiting for logistics solutions, due to overproduction or changes in storage conditions because of the weather or equipment breakdown. It’s not always possible to control and foresee such things at 100%, and this results in losses and an increase in the price of goods. With the help of the blockchain, a transparent network can be created to monitor and control such situations. The system of data recorded in block registers has the widest application - from tracking the temperature and physical indicators to the control of the supply chain. And the cryptocurrency in all this can play both the role of a settlement instrument and the distribution of shares and management of farms.

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How Can All This Help the Country's Economy?

No need to explain how a thriving industrial sector can raise a nation's GDP. However, with blockchain technologies, agricultural business can become attractive to investors and shareholders from richer countries, whose economies were significantly less affected by the war. Why might they be interested in investing in a war-ravaged state?

Ukraine can rely on substantial support from the EU countries, which, most likely, will help it recover with the help of financial injections into the budget. This is expected both at the state level and in the field of financing startups, especially those that are able to demonstrate working solutions in such crucial areas as providing the country with food. Therefore, crypto projects that plan to deploy in post-war Ukraine are recommended to strengthen their presence in the field of the agro-industrial complex, focus on creating solutions for it and link the new technology with production as ancient as humanity itself.

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