22 February, 2021 

A Full Overview of Demo Trading on BTC-Alpha

f you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies and get income from speculative trading but don't know what to start with, it will be logical to go through the educational material first. However, no theory can ever be compared with practice because you won't be able to feel all the market processes until you become its active participant. Intuition is a valuable skill for a trader, and you can't develop it any other way unless actually trading. Beginning a new activity and putting your money under a risk is indeed intimidating. Experienced traders warn you a lot that losses are inevitable but it doesn't help overcome the fear. The price of your experience will be fully understood by you over time but in the very beginning you may be very nervous, too cautious and not all your decisions will be right. It's completely normal. But you can start your practice without losses with demo trading on BTC-Alpha.
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A Full Overview of Demo Trading on BTC-Alpha

What Is Demo Trading?

Demo trading is something like a training program for the beginning trader. It requires trading special "dummy" currencies instead of the real ones. They can't be withdrawn, there's no real value behind them. They exist solely for educational purposes and provide practice for a novice trader. What is special about demo trading on BTC-Alpha, there are always special offers and contests for traders going on. Thanks to this, even those who only make their first steps in trading feel included as the participants of the process and welcomed on the platform.

Why Do You Need to Try Demo Trading?

Some experienced traders doubt that demo trading may be helpful. However, it's still a good option for beginners. Yes, indeed you won't learn how to trade crypto without the risk to lose your own money. But to really see and feel how it all works you still need to start your practice from something, and with this demo trading can really help.

Practice in a real liquidity terminal, creating different types of orders, AND not losing any penny of your own, sounds good for the first steps on a crypto market. After this, you can start real trading because you will at least understand how it works and what to do. BTC-Alpha's demo terminal is convenient and intuitively simple to use like their entire exchange website is.

What Do You Trade in Demo Terminal?

Alright, then where do you get cryptocurrencies to trade if you don't buy them for your own money? BTC-Alpha takes care of that. To every new user who registers on a platform, they give the demo variants of the most popular cryptocurrencies to practice their trading skills in a demo terminal. Regardless of the fact that the demo trading program is purely educational, its conditions are real. There are depths, liquidity, and deals with the other demo traders like on a real market.

How to Use a Demo Terminal on BTC-Alpha?

On the main page of the website there is a tab "Trades". As you click on it, you can see a list drop down. Choose the "Demo Trading" option, and you will find yourself in a demo terminal. Here you can create an order to buy or sell crypto. The filled order will be seen in the lower part of the screen. It will be fulfilled as soon as the appropriate conditions occur on the market. You can also cancel your order, and this information will be saved in the history of your trades.

What Are the Perks for Demo Traders on BTC-Alpha?

Demo traders are permanent participants of all the giveaways and contests offered by the platform. Right now there's another one running on BTC-Alpha. As we can see, demo trading with BTC-Alpha helps to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies without losing your own money and also can bring you a real income and reward for taking part in contests and giveaways. Therefore, this is the best place to make your first steps in trading. Even when you start real trading, you can always come back to the demo terminal to improve your skills and explore new interesting offers from the platform.

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