Alpha Staking

A convenient tool for earning money for traders. Our platform allows you to instantly switch from trading to stacking and earn income without any action — or return to trading.

Prizm (PZM)
Total left
1056930.91739637 / 30000000 PZM
1%in 30 Days
Fixed %
Min. content500 PZM
Type of staking:
Availablea month
Cryptorg (CTG)
Total left
4.10751185 / 1000000 CTG
3%in 30 Days
Fixed %
Min. content1000 CTG
Type of staking:
Availablea month
Kargo Progressive Staking Percentage (KRG) is an opportunity to earn up to 69% per annum, where the percentage of income grows depending on the time o...
3 - 8.5%a month - a year
Progressive %
Min. content1000 KRG
Type of staking:
How does staking works?
Staking is an alternative mining without the need for expensive farms. The rate of production of new coins depends on their number, as well as the staking time in the case of a progressive percentage. The more cryptocurrency on the wallet, the higher the rate of coin mining, respectively, the higher your profitability.
Step 1
DepositMake a Deposit of the desired coin or buy it directly on the platform
Step 2
Participation in stakingSpecify the amount you want to earn: the larger the amount is, the more earnings you can get
Step 3
Stable incomeTake real income every few hours
What is the advantageous type of staking Flexible?
Flexible freeze allows you to instantly switch from trading to staking and earn income without doing anything — or go back to trading. At the same time there are no additional fees, and execution occurs instantly. 
How long will the staking work?
Staking does not have a specific execution time and deadlines, and this is its advantage. You can put money on staking at any time and for each hour of the hold to take your 'prey' in the form of interest. Staking time is up to you. You can take your share in an hour, a month or a year.
What are the restrictions on staking?
You can safely use your funds on passive earnings, where the minimum staking amount of PRIZM is 500 PZM. Meanwhile, the minimum staking amount for Kargo (KRG) staking is 1,000 KRG, and the maximum is 300,000 KRG.
Is there a penalty for canceling the staking?
There are no staking commissions and no penalties for cancelling it. You can cancel the staking and withdraw your funds at any time, without extra charges and other efforts.
When will I receive interest?
For the first full hour of staking from the moment of depositing funds, you will be charged interest. Accordingly, every full hour you will be able to withdraw income from the coin. The larger the amount of staking is, the higher the rate of return will be.
What is progressive percentage?
If a fixed percentage has a fixed percentage of annual or monthly income, and also does not increase over time, then the progressive one changes the percentage of income over time, and every day the earnings from the hold will become even more. Thus, when staking KRG coins in the first month, the yield will be 3%, when on the 12th month - the percentage of income will reach a maximum value of 69%.
What is the minimum and maximum percentage that can be withdrawn?
There are no restrictions on withdrawing the amount of percentage. You can safely take a reward in the amount of the minimum percentage - 3%, as well as the maximum for the period of holding funds.
Can I change the amount of the progressive percentage stake?
Yes, only by increasing the amount. You can add funds to an open staking position without losing interest where it continues to rise.