Coin Listing

If you own, develop or officially represent a coin, you can introduce your coin to our Exchange in two ways. The coins, which are introduced via the first method, rank in priority to all other coins.

  1. If your coin is based on Bitcoin-technology, cost of integration starts from 3 BTC. If your coin is based on any other technology, cost of introducing the coin will be considered in each specific case. To do this, you should contact the support and send request for introducing a coin. Please provide full required information about your coin as listed below.
  2. If you contact the BTC-Alpha support with the request for introducing a coin to «Coin listing» sector of the Exchange, you will not be required to provide additional information about the coin, except for its name and trading symbol.

After that you can apply to your community asking for support for your project via the votes. In case of support from community, leadership of the BTC-Alpha will consider the opportunity of introducing the coin that has received the greatest support among the users.

The coin will be introduced to the BTC-Alpha Exchange Market in case of technical capability and compliance with the following conditions.

If you send a request for introducing a coin to the BTC-Alpha Exchange Market, you should provide the following information:

  • link to official website of the coin;
  • link to official git of your node;
  • link to thread at bitcointalk or any similar forum or the link to your own forum;
  • link to blockchain that must operate thoroughly

Make sure your git includes technical guidelines required for compilation and installation of the node.

The coin's developer is obliged to report all technical issues in terms of coin, node, block explorer, and all the forks beforehand.

Developers are responsible for all the losses caused by technical problems related to the node or forks.

After the first consideration of your request, you will be offered to transfer payment to the specified account in case of technical capability. The work on the coin is considered to be started the day 00:00 UTC following the day the payment was received. The coin based on Bitcoin-technology will be introduced within 3-5 banking days. The term of introducing the coin that is based on other technologies, will be considered in each specific case. Duration of introducing the above-mentioned coin depends on the quality of node's documentation and efficiency of feedback in case of emerged technical issues.

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