Real World Coupon

Real World Coupon

Real World Coupon

world’s first high performance coupon economy


RWC — world’s first high performance coupon economy

The RWC project aims to create the world's first high performance coupon, which will operate on various platforms to receive discounts on goods and services. RWC tokens are the coupons.

The Real World Coupon project thrives to operate in the most efficient way possible. This is why they built a decentralized team to facilitate forging coupon use case partners globally. The attractiveness of RWC should increase over time.

A decentralized and transparent worldwide coupon system is going to help crypto projects get the marketing and promotion efforts they need, at discounted pricing. In addition to discounts related to crypto, the Real World Coupon team is also establishing the use of discounts in physical stores.

RWC are believers of blockchain technology and pushes for equal opportunities for everyone. Therefore, the project is avoiding multi-stage private sale or ICO where early buyers can get preferential conversion rate when they buy in.

Defined mission and vision of the project allow you to get a clear idea about RWC. We believe that active BTC-Alpha community will certainly appreciate the benefits of Real World Coupons. Are you afraid that there will not be enough tokens for everyone? Take part in pre-sale from June 13!

Token Details

Ecosystem: EOS

Ticker: RWC

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Contract Address: realworldcpn

Token Distribution Overhead — 10% Crypto Projects — 5% Marketing — 15% Use Case Partners — 45% Founding Team — 25%

Accepted Currencies BTC

Registered Country

Additional Details

MVP/Prototype — Yes

Whitelist — Yes

KYC — Yes


Platform, Cryptocurrency

Soft Cap 10 BTC

Hard Cap 50 BTC


How it works

Traditionally, coupons whether in paper or electronic form, once it is presented by a customer to a merchant, it has served its purpose. The merchant will offer discount to the customer and proceed to destroy the coupon, since it has no other use cases.

RWC is different. Once a merchant accepts RWC from a customer. The merchant can still use RWC at other platforms for discounts. Even if the merchant isn’t interested in any use case offered by RWC, he can still sell RWC at a crypto exchange and get value out of the sale.

Below is a standard template we require from our partners who offer discount use cases:

Spend ______ RWC tokens and get ______ % off

on ______ service with ______ maximum deduction

Maximum deduction range:

1 RWC = 0.05~0.2 EOS

or 100 RWC = 5~20 EOS


  1. Use-able on over 10+ and even 50~100 platforms.

  2. Understood by both crypto community and the general public.

  3. Benefits all crypto projects with promotion services discounts.



of 50 BTC

Progress:   1  RWC  =  0.000002 BTC



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