2020-01-27 15:44:23

You have been waiting for this! Dark Mode on BTC-Alpha - announcement

You have been waiting for this! Dark Mode on BTC-Alpha - announcement

Dark Mode interface: what are the benefits?

Like any other optional feature, the dark theme had and will continue to have supporters and opponents. Each team has its own weighty arguments. And since everyone knows how to criticize, let's analyze the key advantages.

  • The night mode is especially held in high esteem among traders who spend most of the day in front of the monitor screen (including at night). So users note that when using the so-called dark theme the eyes feel better, and the head hurts much less. Probably, such pleasant trifles for the user's health added a couple of pluses in favor of the night mode of the interface.

  • Besides, if you use a device with an OLED screen, then with a "dark theme" you can count on some extra battery life of your computer. According to various tests and studies, this “bonus” time is about an hour a day. Not bad, is it?

  • And finally, the argument that is being said most often, and it is difficult to argue with it. The night mode looks more aesthetically and trendy. Even if you do not think so, do not rush to throw stones at your opponents - no accounting for tastes.

Wait for the release of the dark theme from BTC-Alpha - we look forward to your comments, healthy criticism and suggestions!

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