2020-05-26 09:08:08

WTP becomes Web Coin Pay (WEC) - token's SWAP

WTP becomes  Web Coin Pay (WEC) - token's SWAP

Dear users!

📢 We bring to your attention the news from the Web Token Pay project. In view of the swap to its own blockchain, the project team initiated a token swap.

WTP becomes WEC - Web Coin Pay For a full-scale implementation of a startup, you need your own blockchain. The swap procedure will provide users with fast, free and secure transactions on the WEC network.

Please note that the BTC-Alpha exchange does not support this swap

How can holders make an exchange?
Holders can exchange WTP tokens to WEC cryptocurrency on the swap site. The WTP token will be supported on the above-mentioned site until January 1, 2023. The BTC-Alpha exchange will support the WTP blockchain until July 26, 2020.

WEC cryptocurrency is already available on BTC-Alpha.com.


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