2021-09-10 08:42:25

What We Improved For You In a New BTC-Alpha Update

What We Improved For You In a New BTC-Alpha Update

😱Dear users,

The BTC-Alpha team is working hard to improve the platform every day so that your experience with our platform can be as reliable, convenient and smooth as possible. And here we are again with some good news!

BTC-Alpha is pleased to announce a successful platform update! What was improved?

We have once again updated the interface design. Menu navigation just got better! For our users and their comfort we do our best, but there is no limit to perfection, and we won’t stop striving for it.

We've completely reinvented the alert system🔔. Now you will always be aware of what’s going on with the help of the convenient notification system from BTC-Alpha. All the news, alerts and important technical messages in one place - within literal seconds you will be aware of the most important things on the platform.

Also we will reward users who have passed the identity verification by removing withdrawal limits. Here’s how it will go. Passing the “Personality” level will bring you the opportunity to withdraw funds up to 10,000 USD per day, “Address” - up to 100 BTC, “Finance” - more than 100 BTC. We’ve never had such generous limits!