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πŸ“– For the very beginning, you should study the basic terminology about crypto world. Why is this needed? So that scammers can’t make money on you. Start with what a wallet is, how IEO works, what FUD and FOMO are, how to recognize scam, what mining and masternodes are. The list of terms is pretty long β€” but don't be alarmed. A little effort and time β€” and the knowledge base of the starting trader will be mastered. And most importantly β€” you will get even greater benefits from trading operating all the terminology.
πŸ’» Next, you should study basic technical analysis (TA). Why is this needed? In order not to encounter a purchase from FOMO ("Fear of Missing Out") or hit the sales of FUD ("Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt"). To start, we advise you to look through Investopedia β€” this helps in such situations.
πŸ”΅ Mastering the first two steps should be supplemented by registering at #BTCAlpha (it is most advantageous to do this using a referral link). You should also start following us on social networks (Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and even on Twitter) β€” there we publish a huge amount of useful information about the cryptocurrency market.
πŸ” Remember about security issues: For all your profiles and accounts you should always use two-factor authentication (2FA) β€” this will protect you and you will not fall under the scammers.
βœ… You should definitely go through KYC: overcoming security issues is a good step, but verification is the most powerful tool for protecting your crypto assets. Any money β€” even small ones β€” is worth protecting against risk, and KYC will be your guarantee for protection.
❕ Always use common sense: too attractive conditions for trading a certain coin are most likely a signal of some hidden moments. So do not jump between coins, analyze fundamentally before making decisions.
πŸ“± Do not forget about social networks β€” there you can always find out more about projects before making a decision on investing in a certain coin or token. Unjustified expectations are always the result of a lack of information. Learn and trade wisely β€” and BTC-Alpha will become your assistant in this.

May a Growing Exchange Rate be with you!

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