2020-05-29 09:49:01

We've launched our blog: Come on in our Alpha Stories

We've launched our blog: Come on in our Alpha Stories

BTC-Alpha launched its blog! Learn about the crypto industry, fintech and cool cases from Alpha Stories 💬

As you know, BTC-Alpha has been in the industry since 2015 🤓 During this time, we have accumulated a large number of projects, partners and knowledge that we want to share with you. And how much cool stuff is yet to come! 🚀

So what will you find on the Alpha Stories pages?
▪️ Under the heading Trading School - guides, life hacks and “in simple words about complex” materials that will illuminate your path in crypto trading ☝️
▫️ Stories - a section created to charge you with enthusiasm, faith in yourself and your business ⚡️
▪️ We will also weekly inform you about the events that shocked the crypto industry 😱
▫️ And of course, you will learn about the products, services and contests on BTC-Alpha and how you can get the most out of them 😏

Alpha Stories

P.S .: If you find your project interesting and want to share your experience and expertise, we will be happy to tell about you in Alpha Stories 📣

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