2020-02-05 09:06:02

Welcome the new WTP token on BTC-Alpha

Welcome the new WTP token on BTC-Alpha

Meet the new WTP token on BTC-Alpha!

📣 Web Token Pay (WTP) - a payment unit in the Web Token Profit ecosystem. It includes several separate projects with various marketing plans and different types of earnings.

🧩 Among ecosystem's products, there are binary marketing Web Token Profit, linear marketing PROFIT BOT, spiral marketing GOLDEN RATIO, exchanger and many others. The main purpose of this is to create a global trading platform PUZZLE for the exchange of goods and services with WTP, as a single payment unit.

⛓ WTP was created on the Ethereum blockchain in the amount of 21 million units without the right to change. The project also developed the WTP Wallet mobile application for ease of use.

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