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Welcome Helix - a new coin on BTC-Alpha

Welcome Helix - a new coin on BTC-Alpha

Welcome Helix - a new coin on BTC-Alpha

Helix is a premium privacy centric cryptocurrency.

What is interesting about Helix?

Helix was created in 2018, and later the Superior coin team joined the project. Superior coin has been recently swapped into Helix. The coin is based on the product of Satoshi Nakamoto, but improved with strong additional features. The Helix team has set its maximum block sizes to 2 MB. By doing so, Helix will be able to handle a higher transaction volume than Bitcoin ⚡️ The project believes in empowering individuals by creating a strong community. This allows people to do business without the compromise of being subject to surveillance by centralized or legal institutions 🤓

Helix is accessible for everyone 🙌🏻 It’s very easy to install and use right away. This is crucial as other cryptocurrencies rarely provide this ease of use. By helping every individual with a highly personal approach, the project aims to create a successful community in which everyone can participate.

As for the holders of the Superior coin on BTC-Alpha, the Helix project administration promises to conduct a new coin airdrop for them soon at the swap rate in the equivalent of 100 Superior = 1 Helix.

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