2020-10-01 14:05:11

Welcome Beer Money on Social Listing on BTC-Alpha

Welcome Beer Money on Social Listing on BTC-Alpha

We are glad to announce another participant of the Social Listing - voting for Beer Money on BTC-Alpha is already open!

Beer Money is the brewery of the Blockchain era. The BEER token is the only one that combines two growing markets, such as craft beer and the cryptocurrency market.

Beer Money is creating an ecosystem around the craft beer industry, where it involves all elements such as suppliers, customers, commercial establishments. The BEER token seeks to be used as a means of payment in the beer industry using the beerwallet as its best ally. Cutting-edge technology, traceability, micropayments, tokenization, craft beer, all gathered in a scalable and sustainable business model over time.

Get tokens for voting

The Beer Money team has announced an Airdrop among the users who vote for them on Social Listing. What will you get? When you donate 100 ALC to Beer Money — you will get 400 BEER on your BTC-Alpha account. The airdrop will be held among 3000 users for a total of 1 200 000 BEER.


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