2020-06-11 13:08:05

Video contest finals: Congrats to the winners!

Video contest finals: Congrats to the winners!

How did the contest pass?

The contest lasted from May 18 to June 10. To participate, users from all over the world created videos in which they showed how they make Transfers on BTC-Alpha.com. In total, we received 345 competitive applications. The BTC-Alpha team carefully checked each application and provided feedback to each participant. Unfortunately, a large number of contestants did not fulfil the conditions of the contest and, accordingly, were not rewarded (of which everyone was informed by email).

At the same time, 56 participants who honestly complied with all the conditions of the competition received their guaranteed reward of $10. Besides, these participants went to the finals of the contest. Our team selected 3 best videos, and today, 06/11/2020, their UIDs were announced live on YouTube.

So who has won? 1st place "Best Video" - UID: EW1WC78Q3ZZ - $100 to the winner's account on BTC-Alpha 2nd place - UID: JL8XU1RX5BZ - $50 to the winner's account on BTC-Alpha 3rd place - UID: EJ8D964851Q - Coupon for - 75% for the monthly trading fee

We sincerely congratulate the winners and thank each participant. Stay in touch, we will not tire of delighting you with great news!

Sincerely, BTC-Alpha Team

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