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Important announcement to BTC-Alpha users!

Important announcement to BTC-Alpha users!

The recent increase of complaints from users about the hacking of the personal wallets of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency exchanges. These break-ins occur outside of the trading platform BTC-Alpha and have no relationship to the trading platform BTC-Alpha. Some users make the assumption that the funds after hacking, by the alleged attackers, can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies through a number of crypto-exchanges, including through the BTC-Alpha trading platform.

This is accompanied by unreasonable demands for a refund, threatenings, as well as the requirement to disclose the personal data of the users of the trading platform to which the companies are not entitled.
We want to note that the user is responsible for the security of storage, transfer and use of personal cryptocurrency, the platform can not identify transactions in cryptocurrency that took place outside the exchange. In turn, the exchange guarantees the reliability and transparency of all transactions conducted through the BTC-Alpha trading platform.

The position of the BTC-Alpha administration: the Platform does not conduct any researches and court cases is the task of the competent authorities. Please, if you are a victim, contact them.
For this reason, the procedure in case you are a victim of fraud or hacking:

1) Contact the law enforcement authorities, write a statement and get certified confirmation from the law enforcement authorities that opened an investigation of your situation. This document must contain your situation. If you expect that the attacker transferred these funds to BTC-Alpha — send a copy of these documents and a copy of your passport to our e-mail [email protected]! Only after providing this information, the administration of the BTC-Alpha platform can respond to your requests in accordance with the current legislation of the UK.
2) At the request of the administration, send a detailed explanation of the situation, including details on the name of the cryptocurrency, dates, wallets, the amount of crypto-currencies .
3) If law enforcement authorities find the hacker, as well as you get a court decision, which proves the guilt of the user who illegally appropriated the funds and at the time of this decision, the attacker kept these funds on the balance of the BTC-Alpha trading platform, the administration will do everything possible to return the funds to the rightful owner.

Any appeals without official confirmation from the law enforcement authorities will not be considered.

We also want to note that the BTC-Alpha platform takes VERY SERIOUSLY the storage of personal data of users and does not disclose personal data of users without a valid reason and an official request.

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