2020-06-04 14:26:48

Urgent news: BTC-Alpha is delisting HollyWoodCoin

Urgent news: BTC-Alpha is delisting HollyWoodCoin

Dear users and partners!

We are informing you about the delisting of the HollyWoodCoin 📢

During the next check of assets by the administration of BTC-Alpha for compliance with the rules, it became known that the team of the HWC project stopped supporting the blockchain. In the official comment of the situation, representatives of HollyWoodCoin notified about the lack of intentions to resume the operation of the HWC blockchain.

Due to the fact that BTC-Alpha does not have the technical ability to service operations on this coin, we are forced to submit HollyWoodCoin for delisting urgently

We focus your attention on the fact that the responsibility for this situation rests solely with the administration HollyWoodCoin. If you have any questions about HWC, please contact the project team directly.

Sincerely, BTC-Alpha Administration

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