2021-07-05 14:03:44

UMI listing on BTC-Alpha: a favorite of Social Listing

UMI listing on BTC-Alpha: a favorite of Social Listing

Dear Customers!

The BTC-Alpha team is happy to announce the listing of UMI coin! It became a winner of our Social Listing. An honest vote by the UMI community brought UMI more than 300,000 ALC. This means it can already be traded on BTC-Alpha!

Learn More About UMI

UMI provides instant, safe, and completely free blockchain transfers with the innovative staking. It allows earning UMI coins by simply holding them in your wallet.

UMI provides almost immediate worldwide transactions 24/7 due to its high quality optimization and masternodes working according to Proof-of-Authority technology. The network is perfect for both private and legal sectors, embracing all the spheres of people’s activity. It’s the best choice for any type of transactions, from micropayments to large orders.

Deposits are already available on BTC-Alpha. Follow the news to learn about the opening of UMI trading on the platform.

We wish you a good profit!

Best regards,